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New from this fall is that every startup receives an investment of 250,000 SEK (approx.18,000 EUR) to further accelerate their development.Before touching base with anyone, you may want to build a web based e-mail account like those at or, etc.They're free & they can keep your correspondence safe from prying eyes.It's safest that way & keeps private issues private...Also, in an effort to provide a anon service, all contributors can write & request an e-mail address alias at g0that will forward e-mail to another e-mail account elsewhere.The first question I receive is "Which is better, a new build or conversion expedition yacht? Right off the bat, I have to say that there is no clear cut answer to this.

John Touzel, 6 Sanders Lane, Korumburra, Vic 3950 Ph.Probably we should not go back to cavemen, and there is no data there anyway. At the turn of the last century dating was very much restricted, generally worldwide. Contraception was not available and fear of pregnancy was immense.So dating was supervised, chaperoned and restricted. Look at "Pride and Prejudice" to give a taster of what it had been like previously, for example.Formal, stiff, and very unromantic by today's view.And yet I'm sure all that repression led to some stupendous sex later. And long distance courtships between continents were carried on by letters carried by steamship. More effective weapons brought the fight into the homes of ordinary people. As life expectancy became briefer the morality was thrust aside and sex and dating were often synonymous.

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