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This important fundraiser is to help me to travel to Japan, where I will document and share the atrocities that happen in the Taiji Cove.The place featured in the film 'The Cove', I will also be travelling to dolphinariums around Japan where I will also document the living conditions and try and find where Taiji's dolphins end up.Finding one is next to impossible, considering only 108 convertible Judges were built, the chances of finding one in a barn is even more unlikely.Yet reader GW has managed to find one of these elusive muscle cars parked in a barn.Many people raise around £2000 for similar trips but I wish to do as much of my own costs as possible, but as many know I will be in Japan for 1 whole month, which means my costs are fairly high.I hope that you will all follow the journey and support me.

The car has factory power windows, power locks, power seats, power antenna, power trunk, tilt wheel, cruise control, air, twin visor mirrors, AM/FM Stereo with factory under dash 8 Track, hideaway lights, I could not get a photo of the front of the car due to stuff everywhere around it. I saw the build sheet which shows several thousand dollars in extra options which was a lot of money back then.

In the world of rare and desirable muscle cars, the Pontiac GTO Judge is one of the more sought after cars.

Put it in convertible form and you have near unobtanium!

Well, actually he has known about this Judge since he was just a kid.

The owner is a close family friend and has been like an uncle to GW. One of 108 built and this car is one of 29 Ram Air 3 automatic cars. This car was ordered with every single option that was offered.

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